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“People constantly battle to achieve a wholeness,” 

“We never achieve it; we momentarily get there, then lose it again.”

-julia ormond

my preciiooouuussss....

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the first video is to showcase our model in 5 poses.

the second and last video is the lip synch and animation video. i would like to dedicate this special one to dayah, sophia, amanda, fei, jean, siew mei, gee and maybe snow. you guys inspire me to do this and really, it's such an emotional trip. wuahahahah :P.

still trying to touch up the animation in this last week. and was just told that we're suppose to complete yet another video. i don't think i can do it anymore. and i am pretty sure i am going to lose grip anytime now.

ps: improved animation posted.

a celebration

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a cake. a year. a laugh. a celebration. :)

a day to be reminded how much love you have. i think of old, new and lost friends, i love you all. you have no idea how much you guys mean to me. i could be more bitter because of you, but i am so much more lovelier because of you.  :)