OMG moment

11/16/2011 10:42:00 PM / Posted by Meanniee / comments (0)

brought along mom to watch immortals just now. she is my movie mate now. she has the ability to talk, squeal, complain while picking her teeth during a movie.

so... 10 minutes into the movie, henry cavill or rather "Theseus" sprint out from a corner to rescue his mom. naked. half naked. my jaw dropped. then i reach out to grab more popcorns, and i felt my mom's hand paused in the popcorn cup. she p.a.u.s.e.d. like all the blood has drained from her fingers back to her... ahem* heart. and all motion is suspended.

then after a few seconds, she came to her senses and retrieve her hand from the popcorn cup. i was grinning from my left temple to my right. even if she doesn't understand what's the movie about, i am sure she will enjoy the visual stimulations.

arggh.... nothing a sweaty six pack and a stupendous good looks couldn't do to put a smile on a lady now.

love.pledge.chinese wedding

11/15/2011 06:15:00 PM / Posted by Meanniee / comments (0)

i am picky. not of food but almost everything else. i am also picky of attending wedding invitations. i don't want to come across as an oppressive nun but i am becoming tiresome and emotionally unresponsive to attending weddings of long-lost-friends. do i sound like an oppressive nun? yes i do.

so my lucky wedding invitation of the month was held in Melacca last weekend. it was small and intimate. and cold. they fully blasted the air-conditioning as if we were fresh meat just out from the slaughter house.

the dinner started with the usual *ooh-aah-fake-LED-beacon-of-fire* 1st dish serving ritual, followed by the remaining 8 course meal served at a painfully retarded tempo. everyone is probably full of gas by the forth meal due to inhaling more oxygen than needed while chewing the food ever so s.l.o.w.l.y. people usually have a run to the loo in between meals due to excessive intake of beverages, you really need to have a sip every 2 minutes in order to stay awake.

but yes. of course you share the joy of the married couple and want to be there to support them.
i sat on a table with ex-colleagues and friends. and i was abit overwhelmed during the wedding. especially when i saw the slideshows of the pre-wedding shots. they were done so beautifully. and the bride looked astonishing. and then i tell dayah...

"i felt like crying..."
"will you cry if i get married?"
"i will cry if you get married... while i am still single."

duh. so much for sharing happiness.

before sunrise before sunset and a cheeseburger

11/03/2011 10:43:00 PM / Posted by Meanniee / comments (1)

do you know how hard it is to focus on just watching a movie when your mind is squashed and splattered all over? now i know.

a friend of mine, let's call her miss owl. she has the habit of fidgeting whenever we're watching a movie. or her eyes would drift somewhere else during a conversation. she is just. never here. and i used to despise that. until i am in that position. i can't focus on a single normal task and enjoy it anymore. and it is extremely exhausting to have your mind somewhere else when you're just suppose to sit down, relax and enjoy a stupid movie. wake up wake up!

well. so much for this week's grudges. let's move on people. so... what's new. okay. i just went to mcDonald's for a take out. and they left out my cheeseburger! how bad is that? to cheat me of a cheeseburger when i am so obviously in a mid-life-crisis. life has a way of going down when things are bad enough. or so i told myself. i could really just make do with the apple pie, fries, coke and sundae but i have to bitch about that cheeseburger now do i. sorry... i am beginning to lose my mind, if i can find it.

back to the topic. what's new... what's new... WHAT'S NEW??!!!.... *squeezed brain really hard* *digging the skin on my forehead really hard* *ouch* *curse*

oh ya. i received my shoes ordered online. after almost a month. i was beginning to fret and imagining the unknown and wrote an annoying letter to the customer service. i have bought tons of stuffs from this website before and they were always punctual on deliveries. okay, that was ages ago and from another planet. but yes. the kastam malaysia took their time to approve the parcel so i can't really blame anyone here. but oooo... it is really not funny to tease with me now, during this unstable sanity climate.

focus. focus. focus. whether it's on the food, the movie, the staircase, or my toes. i can do this. and stop buying overpriced item which you don't need. *look in the mirror*