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Bought them the onesies from Aus trip. One hello kitty in pink, one hello kitty in leopard print, and one purple dragon. They adored the onesies... just that now they have to find an occasion to wear them. pyjamas party??!!! anyone? :)

made them dance as well. kids... they are adorable... until they start to speak.

reintroducing... the girls...

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I created this blog for them a few years back. thought it would be a cool idea for them to start recording and sharing their thoughts... proud-aunt-syndrome :) the elder sister wrote three posts (under supervision and perhaps.. pressure) and then swiftly move on to abandon the blog completely.

lately the younger sister found out about this much celebrated blog and wanted to have her own blog instead. i have persuaded her to write something here because i am lazy to set up another blog just to have her abandon it as well after three posts. the Ling family seems to have this hangat-hangat tahi ayam urge.

hence... this shameless plug. please do leave some comments whenever and if ever they do write something half comprehensible. :) here you go.... pink princess(es)

New year

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I went on a family trip down under for the turn of the year. Australia. It was the first "BIG" foreign country that i remembered when i was a kid just because we have relatives from there. it took 30 years for me... to finally visit this country that i so desperately wanted to go when i was ten. but as the time passes, a lot of excitements are lost and imaginations faded, and i have no expectations nor special feelings this time around. it has reduced to a certain filial duty family trip and just-another-place to be for the new year countdown. and we all know how miserable it has become to spend the much overrated day at home. at least how miserable i made it to be for my own.

the eleven days were very much filled with drama. a trip with family started out being cordial and polite, then someone said something and someone disagrees and someone starting yelling. to my surprise, hostility started firing on the second day afternoon. that is indeed record breaking. 48 hours... is the limit that we can be nice to each other now while travelling.

among the shoutings and absolute indifference... i manage to do a few things that i insist on doing much to my family's horror. my favourites were the surf lesson off ocean grove, watching "philomena" in an art house cinema that oddly still practices free seating plan, walking among the city and gardens aimlessly... well... arrgghh... and there are also other less favourite moments when i got lost in some dodgy streets with my mom breathing down my neck, having to queue for every cable car rail car tram car visiting scenic world, having stuck in human jam and have to walk across the harbour bridge to get to another train station on new year....

but all in all... australia is just beautiful. i am in love with the beach at Apollo bay. if you love nature at all... you will love australia. just remember to bring a shaded sunglasses next time. i nearly fell blind from the piercing brightness there.

i didn't take much pictures and all these are from my new iphone camera. these capture the moments that i hope i shall remember for some time. i have to say all these photos are from Melbourne and the beaches off the great ocean road except for the sydney opera house and the contemporary art museum.

i have deliberately left out some details, monologues, frustrations, realization throughout this trip just because i am lazy. :) but then, i have to say the beaches off st kilda is an absolute Thor-fest and fly-fest. while i was going gaga over clean shaven half naked six packs, i actually caught a fly in my mouth. beautiful bodies and flies... they are in-your-face... just make sure you go there during the summer. :)