4/13/2014 11:25:00 PM / Posted by Meanniee / comments (0)

it's undeniable. i'm addicted. to Chatime... amongst all vices. *sigh* my head starts to swirl if i haven't had it for more than 2 days. even on weekends, when i'm having more than enough sleep and distance away from work, my mood starts to sink after having breakfast/lunch and started craving for it... so badly that i can't concentrate and blames my mood swings and laziness on not having my fix.

but it does work. i become more emotionally stable after having my first sip. oh gawd... even the thought and decision to give in puts me in a better state of mind.

but... i will not deny myself of this little pleasure now. we all know there are worse things to be addicted to. so what if i've had my milk tea fix almost everyday this week? hahahaha.... everyone grows out of it right? right?