i need...

12/27/2012 10:17:00 PM / Posted by Meanniee / comments (3)

1. to do some... any kind of research on how to go around the "places of interest".... i wouldn't... or shouldn't rather.. depend on my travel mate.

2. to pack... lightly.

3. to wash off my ugly chipped nail polish. and paint it with yet another ugly colour.

4. to shave, pluck, trim....

5. to borrow a camera.

6. to print out accommodation booking.

7. to remind my travel mate to check in online. or else ditch her altogether.

8. ... more money!!!

fingers crossed no nature or humanly induced accidents. and we come back in one piece, sane, and not pissed off with each other.

all is last minute. i feel slightly dizzy and frankly, not used to making plans. but if there is no expectations, there will be no disappointments. hmmn... i do sound like a pessimistic lazy arse.

hope there will be good cheap food. cheap drinks. and free fireworks!

till then. happy new year!


12/17/2012 11:48:00 PM / Posted by Meanniee / comments (0)


2012 快要过了。新的一年,新的数字。想紧紧抓住的,却是旧的东西。

我还来不及呐喊,悲泣, 它们却已不经意的蒸发, 留下苦涩的滋味。

圣诞。。。 快乐

12/14/2012 11:23:00 PM / Posted by Meanniee / comments (0)

glad it is Friday. 
glad it is December.


12/04/2012 08:34:00 PM / Posted by Meanniee / comments (1)

this... is...making me smile.